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Leading experts in education offering educational consultancy services and advice for schools, to improve operational efficiency and support teachers.

Our education advisors are leaders in transforming schools. We are here to help with everything from school improvement and teacher development programmes to restructuring back-office functions to save money and time for busy staff. 

The Lion Academy approach is wholly designed, led and delivered by school leaders and education specialists with real domain expertise in their chosen fields. We work with partner schools within the trust to drive efficiencies in key operational areas. Our educational consultancy also ensures that every school can work within the set budget parameters, and can contribute year-on-year to the generation of funds used to tackle legacy underinvestments in ICT, estates, training, development projects, and more. 

Too often schools are either tied to poorly performing service contracts or to expensive structures that limit their ability to act strategically to tackle real challenges. This is in terms of funding, regulatory and compliance demands or just their own desire to make tangible year-on-year improvements for their pupils and communities. 

The Lion Academy Trust are experts in educational consultancy and are committed to working with any scale of organisation, bringing our proven solutions and expert advice for schools to support the sustainable changes needed to improve your school’s function. Organisations we work with include:

  • Standalone academies
  • Local authority supported schools 
  • Trusts and federations

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Over the last 15 years, we have learnt how to tackle the education sector's biggest challenges - in schools with legacies of underinvestment and who were struggling to implement strategies to break free of a history of inefficient structures, services and support contracts. Here at the Lion Academy Trust, you will find real advice for schools and education consultancy geared to making a real difference across all aspects of school operations. 

Justin James, CEO, Lion Academy Trust