Digitised lessons

Access the thousands of digitised lessons we use in support of the Lion Pathways Curriculum

To access the thousands of digitised lessons we use in support of the Lion Pathways Curriculum, you will need to sign up to Miro -

Miro is a content sharing platform that allows for teachers to make, edit, share and the distribute lessons for pupils. Every Lion Pathways Curriculum customer will be invited to self-register with Miro and to access two sets of Miro boards. The first, is a read-only version of the existing boards that our teams have created - fully detailed and with the relevant content, images and links included.

The second set of Miro boards, is a 'wire-frame' version - designed to allow schools and teams to populate these boards with the images and content that are relevant to your pupils and settings.

We advise all customers to check the ownership of any images used to avoid any copyright or licensing issues.

The value in these boards in terms of time saved for staff; for ensuring a consistently high quality in-class experience for every pupil is considerable - and we are giving this freely to any customer of the Lion Pathways Curriculum to help the implementation of the currlculum - and to truly give your staff their Sundays back!


We use technology to reduce teacher workload and to ensure that every pupil gets access to the same quality and standard of in-class content in every one of our schools. It’s a core part of what we do so well - and we are genuinely excited about how this library of digitised content helps schools and teachers achieve great outcomes for every pupil.

Justin James, CEO, Lion Academy Trust