Education Risk Management Consultants

Working with schools to mitigate risks, manage costs and improve outcomes through specialised education risk management.

The Lion Academy Trust are expert education risk management consultants. We take a whole-school approach to mapping risks and weaknesses in how schools function, producing tangible and sustainable programmes to tackle these challenges in a robust and outcome-focused way. 

Concerned about meeting your statutory or regulatory compliance requirements in managing your estates, finance functions or the governance of your organisation? Have you been on the receiving end of reports or analysis which lacks a real understanding of your context or challenges?

The Lion Academy Trust are experts in risk management for the education sector and will undertake a deep-dive into several key areas to produce a risk review of your current systems and delivery mechanisms, producing a risk-informed management review to set out:

  • Areas of key concern or underperformance - where further work is urgently required to address any structural deficiencies.
  • Areas where systems, products or processes require improvement to reduce cost and complexity in meeting your regulatory and compliance requirements. 
  • A roadmap for how further investment and resources could be deployed to make timely and sustainable adjustments in how your organisation functions.
  • Provide you with answers in a format that is digestible, actionable and meaningful - ideal for boards, trustees, governors and senior leaders.

With a particular focus on working to ensure Trust Boards and Local Governing Bodies have a clearly articulated and transparent breakdown of the key priorities for the school or trust over the interim period, the Lion Academy Trust brings its extensive experience in education risk management to a range of school types and settings. We ensure that senior leaders are empowered to not only drive forward their improvement agendas but are also able to channel resources and time to address the real issues facing any school.  

Our specialist risk management for schools offers a cost-effective, independent review to support leaders and trustees moving forward with confidence. Consultancy services start at £795.00 for a 1-day review of a single functional area.

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Unless there is a coherent approach to tackling the key operational issues in every setting and schools - based on in-depth and proven risk management practices, schools and trusts may misdirect precious time, effort and resources and not fully address the key issues at hand. We have gone through the learning curve of how best to measure the performance of schools in these key areas and as school leaders ourselves, have too often been on the receiving end of reports and surveys that lacked real "so what" impact - and we aim to work with schools to ensure that never happens again.

Justin James, CEO, Lion Academy Trust