Curriculum structures to scaffold teaching and learning to deliver on your pupils needs.

No one runs their school for the regulator and the Ofsted frameworks change and adapt as the national context and agreed standards around teaching and learning are revised. The Lion Pathways Curriculum is written for and by teachers - who run schools to serve every imaginable locale, demography and set of circumstances.  The use of clearly sequenced learning content, supported by a beautifully curated and consistent presentation of what to teach, when to teach it and more important, how it relates to pupils’ learning journeys sets the Lion Pathways Curriculum apart. 

Since September 2021, the Lion Academy Trust has successfully participated in four Ofsted inspections - with the positive anticipated outcome achieved in every instance. 

Feedback to date includes:

  • Pupils learn an ambitious curriculum that matches, and in some cases exceeds, the scope and content of the national curriculum. Plans for each subject are structured carefully so that the important knowledge, skills and vocabulary that pupils need to learn are revisited over time. This allows pupils to practise and embed these ideas, so that they can be applied to other learning” 
  • “The curriculum is well designed and organised to ensure that pupils learn an ambitious range of knowledge and skills. This supports pupils to achieve well and produce work of a high quality in different subjects”
  • “Curriculum plans outline the sounds and reading skills children should learn from Reception onwards. Teachers are well trained to implement these plans, and this ensures that pupils secure their phonics quickly.” 

If you are worried about your next inspection or the outcomes of a recent Ofsted inspection - call us to find out how the Lion Pathways Curriculum can play an important role in reshaping how you tackle teaching and learning or how we can support you overcome the areas of development that were raised by the inspection team.

We know there are no “off-the-shelf” solutions to meet the needs of your pupils - but we have codified and curated the Lion Pathways Curriculum to form the foundation of how best to structure and deliver teaching and learning successfully in every school and setting. 

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“Leaders have designed a curriculum which is ambitious and well thought through. It focuses on the key knowledge pupils need to learn in each subject. Leaders have sequenced the curriculum so that pupils understand the links between different subjects. For example, pupils have knowledge from history about how ancient civilisations used the materials that are introduced in art lessons. Leaders ensure teachers have appropriate curriculum planning documents to underpin teachers’ subject knowledge. As a result, pupils remember much from the subjects they are taught.”

Maple Grove Ofsted Report - September 2021