Lion Learning Pathways

About us

Your child, our priority.

At the heart of the Lion Academy Trust is our belief that school sets children up for life. The challenge for us teachers is that our pupils only get one chance to make the most of it. So, for us, every Lion pupil – whoever they are – is a priority.

This is why we avoid indulging in educational jargon, or arguments and excuses, about social barriers to learning… in fact, anything that gets in the way of giving every child a great education.

It is also why we make sure everyone across the Trust shares our exacting standards – from the teachers in class to the support teams who clean our schools. What makes us different from other education trusts is our relentless determination to be good or better every day.

How we make sure we focus on your child

Lion’s robust, pupil-centred approach delivers proven results. All the schools in the Trust started their journey with us in an Ofsted category of concern. Within two years and their first inspection, they are either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’. We achieve this success by applying two simple and distinctive principles that all our people, across our Trust schools, buy into. Firstly, if children know why they are learning and where they are heading, they will take responsibility for their own progress and develop the ability to learn that will see them through to sixth form and beyond. They will surprise you!

Secondly, if we can train and support teachers to concentrate totally on what we know works well, with no distractions, they will have the time and capacity to teach brilliantly. They will give every child the focused, personal attention they need.

Ten years ago, we set up the Lion Academy Trust because we saw so many children in East London were missing out on their one chance to thrive at school. Now our plan is to take our simple, direct formula and to work with a wider community of pupils, parents, teachers and schools.

Please get in touch to discuss any aspect of joining us as a student or member of the team, or as a school looking to join a trust that can accelerate your development and support you on your journey towards becoming an excellent education provider. I look forward to welcoming you into the Lion Academy Trust.

Justin James
Chief Executive Officer

At Lion, our focus on a language-rich curriculum means that reading is never just limited to reading lessons. It’s about inspiring children to develop a love of reading. Our key focus on assessment proficiency enables children to discuss, debate and engage with texts in a range of meaningful ways.

Nicky Kingsnorth, Acting Head of School, Ruskin Academy